1PIE Technology for Change

Advancing Global Collaboration from the Ground Up

1PIE Tech is an on-and-offline initiative to put the tools to build sustainable futures in the hands of those who need them most.  

The power of 1PIE to catalyze local action comes through harnessing the diversity of  6 Partners in Empowerment (PIE) sectors to access the skills, technologies, and markets that grassroots entrepreneurs need to address local needs--determined by locals.

7SS Project Accelerator: Pilot Launch in Development

Using 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) as a road-map, the first 1PIE.org application (pilot use cases in Nepal & Zimbabwe) will be in the form of a project development & evaluation system linking transparent and measurable community-based initiatives with the most relevant and supportive global partners. This interactive management system will help grass-roots organizers define local needs, unique resources, set measurable goals and evaluate impact.

Community-based needs assessments and user input is being sourced globally by case-study partners and will be pilot-tested by local program coordinators in Nepal, India and throughout Africa.

Future Vision: 1PIE.org Global Collaboration Portal

Ultimately, local organizers and social innovators will be able to collaborate with global Partners in Empowerment sharing locally appropriate technologies, market access, critical information, capacity and capital to turn local assets into sustainable solutions through the 2.0 version which will be linked into the full-scale 1PIE Global Collaboration portal.

Background / the Rise of 1PIE: With the 6 Sector PIE global network conceived in 2003, Empowerment Works began hosting official PIE think-tanks in 2006. Soon after, the 1PIE.org website concept advanced with the expertise of many partners including the International Free Open Source Software Foundation and via The Global Summit 2008 where 200 co-founders laid the foundation for ongoing collaboration in setting forth global sustainability values with each of the 6 PIE sectors.

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