Mission in Action

Founded in 2001, Empowerment WORKS (EW) is a social change organization unleashing the power of collaboration in the relentless pursuit of a sustainable, just future for all.

Collaboration is both a tool and strategy.  While often hard and even messy, the process itself is a prime tool for transformation--fostering self-determination, creativity, and connection. As a strategy, it is the only one proven to realize lasting Social Change.

Unleashing this medicine of the many, EW engages a diverse cross-sector Partners in Empowerment (PIE),
united for a sustainable, just future through creative media and impact forums, such as The Global Summit, Pulse of the Movement webcasts, and Artists in Action events.

In the world’s most culturally rich, yet economically challenged communities; access to markets, appropriate technologies, and education can empower people to turn critical problems into vital solutions.

Through this holistic mission, Empowerment WORKS inspires people across the globe to realize the value of their existing knowledge, unique talents and our collective potential to change the world.