“7 Stages to Sustainability guides us to act and measure our results” - 7SS Student, China
“Without 7 Stages, I would not know how to do what is in my heart” – 7SS Student, China 

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Opportunity & Impact  

With 1.3 billion people, and developing rapidly, the trends that take root in China--and the choices of China's leadership--could determine the future of our ever smaller global village.Empowerment Works is doing its part by inspiring sustainability in the hearts and minds of China's future women leaders.

From Nov. 15 through Dec. 15, 2009, in partnership with the World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW), Empowerment Works launched its 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) curriculum with 90+ of China's most dedicated young women at Sias International University in Henan, China.

The 7SS 4 week (including 12 lectures, & 4 Labs) curriculum delivered in China was part of a year long Service Learning program fostering students' leadership skills through developing projects addressing the Millennium Development Goals (half poverty, + universal education & health, etc).

Students' Post Course Survey Results (2 = Learned and Know How to Do it):

Integrating a broad range of issues and critical skills in community development, sustainable trade and global affairs, it can be used to provide full or partial content needs for community development, sustainable business/ social business and/or social entrepreneurship courses.  Originally delivered as an English as a second language (ESL) course, it can be adapted to serve students at high-school, college and graduate levels.

Empowerment WORKS seeks visionary partners to co-develop new courses in related fields, including opportunities to translate and evaluate 7SS materials in other languages.

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