Opportunity Nepal: from 8.0 to 2.0

Empowering local resilience!


Since the wake of Nepal's massive 8.0 earthquake in April 2015, Empowerment WORKS' Community Liaison, Bandita Thapa (Nepali peace builder and life-long youth advocate & community organizer) has been on the ground getting support to the most vulnerable.

Beyond relief, Bandita and team are working to ensure local voices are represented in the longer-term redevelopment effort.

Phase one -

Ensure most urgent needs are met both in Kathmandu and in villages with little or no official support.

Phase two -

Opportunity Nepal: from 8.0 to 2.0, Kathmandu, April 2017 - Community Forum to gather input from local women, men and youth to prioritize community needs and explore how to get trapped aid funding to locally owned projects and investments    * Contact Us to learn more / explore partner opportunities

Phase three -

Catalyst Action Training (CAT) to seed sustainable livelihoods w/ micro-enterprises and other regenerative strategies.

Together with Bandita, we see that this earthquake offers an historic opportunity and pivotal turning point in transforming Nepal's endemic corruption and broken governance systems.

Without a more thoughtful approach to disaster aid and aid in general, the very issues that have made Nepal so vulnerable to begin with (and foster Nepal's dependency-based NGO economy) risk being exacerbated in the current crisis.

Nepali people deserve a more transparent, dignified and prosperous future.

How the international community responds today to the Nepal Earthquake is critical for Nepal to effectively heal, recover and thrive--for years to come.

See Post-Earthquake report on TheGlobalSummit.org Blog HERE

Please join us in supporting locally-led action - empowering Nepal to build economically sustainable, community based solutions from the ground up.

All donations are gratefully accepted via Credit Card on the PayPal link below or via FRIENDS AND FAMILY to email, nepal@empowermentworks.org for zero fees from your PayPal account.


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