Partners In Empowerment

Greater than the sum of our parts 

Partners in Empowerment™ (PIE) is an ecologically inspired social & economic network united in action for a thriving, socially just future.

Whether a media group leads a cause-based marketing campaign to stop AIDS, a university creates greener technology, or an artist inspires a child in need, social, economic and environmental impact is deepened through mult-sector collaboration.

Comprised of six mutually supportive sectors, Partners in Empowerment™ understand, that by bringing the best of our resources and ideas to the table, we build a better world for humanity.

Wondering, "Where is government?"

Empowering all voices to be heard, PIE serves as a participatory framework that can be used both by government agencies to support inclusive civic engagement or independently by citizens as a self-organizing tool.

Uniting PIE from the ground up is the foundation of EW's 7 Stages to Sustainability approach.

1PIE Collaboration Portal: Where global partners catalyze local solutions

Using 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) as a road-map,  the 1PIE relationship & resource management system will help social innovators & organizers to identify measurable goals, track and evaluate impact and foster economic opportunities through equitable trade.

Starting with projects that are already using the basic 7SS framework, will link-up global Partners in Empowerment (PIE) who provide capital, appropriate technologies, and market access to turn local assets into sustainable solutions.