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Pulse of the Movement
is Empowerment WORKS' free webcast series, illuminating local solutions; inspiring daily actions for a thriving world.

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At Empowerment WORKS, we see responsible media as the foundation of positive social change. Pulse of the Movement (PoM) is our opportunity to bring you under-represented voices from the front lines, and leaders of the movements that shape our future.

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Weather, Economics, & What We Eat


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Did you know?

In Asia and Africa, millions of small-scale and subsistence farmers, pastoralists, fishermen and indigenous peoples produce most of the food consumed worldwide, in most cases on very small plots of land.  

Over 70%of the food insecure population lives in rural areas in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Small-scale farmers run crop diversification based agricultural systems and preserve traditional food products contributing both to a balanced diet and the safeguard of the world’s agro-biodiversity.

What is the impact of Climate Change to local farmers?
How are they adapting and how does this affect food security?
In this episode of Pulse of the Movement, host Melanie St.James travels from the Zimbabwe southern Africa to the villages of Nepal to see how are they managing with increasing shifts in seasons and economics of globalization. 


Ghana Gurung - Senior Conservation Director, WWF Nepal, World Wildlife Foundation

Petronella Kagonye - Member of Parliament - Goromonzi South, Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe

Jefrey Matenje - Architect / Chief Executive Officer, Hurukuro-Agrickouds,

Tawanda Mutukwa - Social Entrepreneur / Chief Technology Officer, Hurukuro-Agrickouds,


Melanie St.James, MPA

Chief Inspiration Officer, Empowerment WORKS

Melanie has dedicated her life promoting collaborative solutions for a thriving world. Through sustainable development research in Senegal and Zimbabwe, she identified '7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS)' as a universal framework, and the genesis of Empowerment WORKS. Her thesis, "A New Population Theory: Human Security as a determinant of fertility rates" called for more cohesive, interdisciplinary policy making to support local self-determination.  LinkedIn...

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